January 28, 2003
Diario Financiero
Iconstruye generates transactions of US$33 mn last year

Surpassing the expectations announced a couple of month ago by the manager of the construction e-marketplace, Juan Eduardo Correa, Iconstruye generated transactions for US$33 million at the close of 2002, as reported by the enterprise

The partner of Echeverría Izquierdo Ingeniería y Construcción - enterprise that operates in all of it constructions with Iconstruye- Alvaro Izquierdo, commented that the success of the enterprise is in the transparency that the provisioning management system gives. He explained that with the traditional buying method (quotation, throw fax and telephone), "Lots of times the person in charge of quotations chooses a supplier that doesn’t necessarily represent the most competitive offer".

For the Salomon Sack president -one of the main distributors of steel in the country- Edgar Bogolasky, the e-marketplace has allowed them to reach new builders, detect the needs of the clients and improve the communication with them.

Iconstruye was built in the beginning of 2001 by the Camara Chilena de la Construcción and today has more than 400 associated enterprises, between builders and building suppliers.


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